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On my honour, I promise that I will do my best;

To do my duty to God and my Country.

To help other people at all times,

To keep the Scout Law.

The Order of World Scouts was founded on the 11th November 1911, and was the earliest World Scouting organisation.

The date was chosen to echo the declaration of Baldwin as King of Jerusalem, concluding a successful end to the first Crusade, 11th November 1100.

The organisation still continues today, and has continued under its Grand Scoutmasters.

Index of present member organisation of the Order of World Scouts

The British Boy Scouts
The British Girl Scouts
The Scouts of Australia
Ls-Drzewo Pokoju (Poland)
The Order of the Redeemer
Scuola Nazionale Formazione Scout
Fundacion Woodcrat de la Republica del Perú
The Scout History Association
USTA Perù (PE)
FIDES Chile (Federación De Escultismo Chilena)
Boy Scouts Woodcraft de Chile
Uniòn de Scouts de Chile
USTA Argentina
USTA Uruguai
USTA Republica Dominicana
USTA Brasil
USTA Bolivia
Girl Scouts of Jamaica
Scouts Mexicanos AC
Organization of Ukrainian Scouts
Confraternidad Scouts del Guayas
H.G.W. (Poland)
Stowarzyszenie Harcerskie “Knieja" (Poland)

Membership details.
Individual and Corporate membership can be gained by individuals, or by Scout groups, members of which, have taken a Scout Promise which reflects B-P's original.

Book to be published.
If sufficient people are interested, a book will be published covering the whole history of The British Boy Scouts, and the Order of World Scouts. Included in the text are details on dozens of other organisations which were connected with scouting (Woodcraft Folk, The Order of Woodcraft Chivalry, Kibbo Kift, Life Pioneers, British Scout Federation, British Pathfinder Scouts Association, the Outlanders, Federation of European Scouts UK Association, Baden-Powell Scouts Association, along with more details of the other organisations mentioned above) Details of the 1919 Court Case in New York over the United States Boy Scouts, the British Chartered Associations (Protection of Names and Uniforms) Act 1926, which was sponsored by friends of the Boy Scouts Association, and took 5 years to get through Parliament are included. The 1926 Act has been used recently against an FSE group in England - details in the text. If sufficient folk order a book (no payments are required yet), it will be published. If not a photocopied version will be available. Details E.Mailed on request. An earlier version was published in 1987, which was used by Time Jeal in the research for his biography, but the work has grown too large for the BBS to publish the book itself (76,277 words plus dozens of photographs and illustrations) without guaranteed sales. Advanced Orders will allow a professional product -hard covers, dust jacket.

Further Details.
Further details on the Order of World Scouts can be gained by E.Mailing


The Grand Scoutmaster,
The Order of World Scouts,
The Rectory, Church Hill, Tarrant Hinton,
Blandford Forum, Dorset, DT11 8JB.
Telephone +44 (1258) 830764

The Assistant Grand Scoutmaster for Italy
and Administrative Secretary
OWS, via Sant'Ignazio 20
10074 Lanzo Torinese (TO)
Telephone +39 (0123) 916101

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