Scout History Association

Formally known as "Scout History Club"
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This is the Web page where you can find incisive history on Scouting. Many of the details you will find in the Web pages associated with this History Association, you will not find elsewhere.

The aim of the Scout History Association is to bring together those who are interested in Scouting History, and to encourage the production of articles on Scouting and its history, though copyright to the author, to be shared freely via the Internet.

Submision of Web Pages, via links, or to be published on the History Association Web Pages.
Details of the Web Page, which the author wishes to be linked to the histroy Association page must be emailed to the address of the Association Web-Master (bottom of this page). If the page is acceptable, then a link will be included.
If an author does not have access to Web space, or for other reasons wishes it to be included in the Association pages, please send the text (if it is not already in HTML or Web Page Code) via an E.Mail. If a page is ready made, attach it to an email. If the page is acceptable, it will become part of the Association pages.

Any person can join the Scout History Association. All you will need is to e.mail your full name and your email address, and you will be included on the membership list page, which is published on this Site. You must mark the subject of your e.mail as "Scout History Association". There is no fee, or membership subscriptions. There might yet be a membership badge, after one has been designed.