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What is Scouts of Australia?

Scouting is a Movement, not a single organization. The Scout Movement is made up of many different organizations, including :-

Local associations of Scouts (Scout Groups),

Church Scouts,

Ethnic Scouts,

Central associations.

Other than Scouts of Australia central associations have included the :-

League of Boy Scouts,

Australian Imperial Boy Scouts,

British Boy Scouts,

Church Scout Patrols (Anglican Church),

Life Saving Scouts (Salvation Army),

Catholic Boy Scout's Association,

Plast Ukrainian Scouts Association in Victoria Ltd.

A movement is based on common ideals, practices and aims and cannot be controlled by any one person or organization. In the past there have been attempts by one organization to gain absolute control of the Scouts. Scouts of Australia exists to protect the interests and the diversity of scouts and to bring together all scout organizations.

What Scouts of Australia does

The objects of Scouts of Australia are:

(i) To help youths lead satisfying and purposeful lives as responsible and resourceful members of the community by promoting their personal and social development and welfare in accordance with the Scouts' Promise.

(ii) To promote and co-ordinate the principles, methods and practice of Scouting, to encourage the formation of bodies of scouts throughout Australia and otherwise to act as trustee and patron for Scouts and the Scout Movement.
Scouts of Australia aims to achieve its objects by providing support to groups of scouts and assisting co-ordination and co-operation between groups.

Such resources and assistance include:
Trusteeship of property

Communication between groups of scouts

Award scheme & badges

Literature, posters & certificate proformas

Group signs & flags

Information & equipment exchange between groups of scouts


Scout group management & accounting kits

Incorporation kits & advice

Leader training guidance

Information and advice

Group insurance schemes

A public contact service

What is Scouting

Scouting is a youth movement identifiable by its ideals, scheme and educational aims. Its scheme is based on five elements :-
The Scouts' Promise and Scouts' Code.
Activities organized in small groups with youths taking responsibility for leadership roles.
A practical uniform as a mark of membership, unity and equality.
A wide range of activities with an emphasis on adventure outdoors.
Non-competitive awards for attainment of standards and personal achievement.
The removal of pressures in a simplified social and physical environment results in dependence on self and the group and emphasizes development of responsible social attitudes and values.

Scouts' Promise
On my honour I promise to strive.
To seek and serve God, help other people and respect my country.
To keep myself mentally, physicall and morally fit; and
To obey and live by the Scout's Code.

Model Scouts' Code
A Scout is truthful and a Scouts' honour is to be trusted.
A Scout is faithful to parents, family, scouters, employers, country and to those under the Scout's control or responsibilty.
A Scout is obedient to proper authority and conscience.
A Scout is to be useful and to help others in need at all times without reward.
A Scout is a friend to all and a brother/sister to every other Scout no matter to what nationality, race, class or creed the other belongs.
A Scout is considerate and courteous.
A Scout is cheerful and shows courage in all dificulties.
A Scout is self-respecting being clean in though, word and deed
A Scout is thrifty, self-reliant and makes good use of time and possessions.
A Scout is a friend of nature and takes care of the environment.