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The Order of the Redeemer.

A revived Templar Order
founded 1914

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The History of the Order of the Redeemer.
In 1892 a branch of the Portuguese Templar Order "The Order of Christ" was organised by a Knight Commander of the Order, Sir Francis Vane, at the Temple in London, with the express permission of the King of Portugal. This was the first meeting of Templar Knights there since the suppression of the Order in England in the fourteenth century. Associates were enrolled in England expanding the influence of the Organisation.

Sir Francis Vane had become the Grand Scoutmaster of the British Boy Scouts, which had affiliate Groups not only in the Empire but in such countries as the USA, France and Italy. This was quite a separate organisation from Baden-Powell's organisation. In 1911 , this World organisation was formed into a Chivalric Order "The Order of World Scouts". The date of 11th November 1911 was deliberately chosen for the launch of the new order of 'knights' and coincided and echoed the 11th November 1100 which marked the successful conclusion of the first Crusade when Baldwin of Boulogne assumed the title of King of Jerusalem, establishing a Christian Kingdom ruled by the Crusader Knights in the Holy Land, which led to the creation of the Knights Templar. Sir Francis Vane had given further expression to his involvement with the Order of Christ.

In 1914, the Reverend Albert Jones Knighton had taken over from Sir Francis Vane as Grand Scoutmaster of the British Boy Scouts/Order of World Scouts, and gave a more definite expression to the inspiration of the "Order of Christ" on the Scout chivalric Order, giving it the name of the "Order of the Redeemer".

The membership of the Order was once only open to BBS Scoutmasters, but has been opened to all Scoutmasters. Scoutmasters who join take the rank of "Knight Companion", allowing by custom within the Order of World Scout fraternity, the post nominals "K.C.O.R.". For ladies who are ranked as "Dames", the post nominals "D.C.O.R." are used.

From 1914 onwards, the Grand Scoutmasters of the BBS/OWS have also been the Grandmasters of the "Order of the Redeemer".

The Order of the Redeemer is legally a fraternal organisation for Scout Leaders, and is not , and does not claim to be a Royal, or a State Order of Chivalry.

The Moral Code of the Knights and Dames of the Order:

1. I will, to the best of my ability, seek to set an example of patience, caring and unselfishness.
2. I will, as far as possible, be a true friend to all my comrades, or the young in any way entrusted to my care.
3. I will help those in need, comfort those in sorrow, and by a holy life, seek to set an example of godly living.
4. I will treat all my comrades around me, anywhere, rich or poor, with equal kindness.
5. I acknowledge that the only hope of heaven is through the life, death, and resurrection of Christ the Redeemer.
6. I will devote my life, in guiding others, away from paths of evil, into lives that are pleasing to God.

Motto of the Order:

Amicus Humani Generis - Friend of the Human Race.

Membership is open to all serving and retired Scout Leaders, and costs £100 sterling for life membership. On receipt of the application form and the subscription, a membership certificate will be sent, along with a cloth badge, which can be sewn onto the Scout Uniform (if allowed by the Association to which the member belongs).

The income from membership money is allocated as follows; 6% administration of the scheme (badge, certificate, postage); 20% historical research into Scouting and Chivalry; 44% to support the BBS/OWS; 30% for grants to be given to Scout Troops for various purposes, especially troops in poor areas and open to all Scout Troops of all organisations but with the final decisions left in the hands of the BBS Trustees.

Application form: Order of the Redeemer.