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The Union of Traditional Scouts of America

The Union of Traditional Scouts of americas is defined as a movement of children, youth and adults, sheltered under the principles of Baden Powell and Ernest Seton.

We are committed to these principles and ideals into freely and voluntarily under a law scout and a personal commitment and group established by a promise.

We are a non-political movement, non-profit organization open to all without distinction of origin, race, creed or social status.

We aspire to the integral development of each particular person and of society as a whole. This development is carried out through a non-formal education, in solidarity with what makes the family and school, an educational project with concrete and well-defined and a plan of advancement that contains development areas as ethics training, Formation of the person and their environment, physical, artistic expression, civic education and spirituality that gives children and young elements values that are common elsewhere, such as honesty, respect, responsibility, loyalty, etc.., combining all this, with games, dances and songs, thus creating a warm and cheerful, adventurer and dreamer, respect and friendship where children and young people can develop their full potential and that leads to train individuals of integrity and good citizens.
We defend life, peace, justice and freedom, preserve nature as a place of discovery of life and that the time is a particularly favourable for the personal encounter that allows us to send our origins thence to understand the importance of its conservation, according to the legacy of our founders.

Inculcate in our children, young adults and their commitment to their motherland, love for our brother and greater participation in Latin American culture.

The love for our roots allows understanding of love of others to their place of origin and possible to understand children, youth and adults who have the mission with Mother Earth, said as B. Q. "Leave the world a little better how we find it."

We wish that traditional renewal and restructuring of movement but without losing the umbilical cord that binds us to our history, we have learned from our mistakes and we want to reinforce the successes, and why not, overcome, but that we want a renewal of an adaptation Traditional to the realities of the moment, namely renovation but with tradition

The U. S. T. A. invites all scouts, organizations, groups and individuals who feel identified with these principles to take a step forward and join this new alternative to traditional Scouting.


Mail: usta@owscouts.org


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