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The Girl Scouts of Jamaica are a new association, in a new millenium, with a new look and new methods, but great respect for original traditions and standards, in celebration of a Centenary of Scouting Worldwide. This website was launched by Mrs Lavinia McClure on August 5, 2008 and the official launch date of the Girl Scouts of Jamaica is October 5, 2008, the date of the first promise ceremony. The Girl Scouts of Jamaica joined the Order of World Scouts umbrella organization in October 2008.

What are the Girl Scout Troops?
Peenie Wallie Scouts
Basic School or Kindergarten and Grades 1-3

Doctor Bird Scouts
Grades 3-6

Junior Scouts
Grades 7-10

Senior Scouts
Grades 10-13

Dedicated Troops - A Girl Scout Troop can be dedicated to one section of the movement. Combination Troops - A Girl Scout Troop can be a combination of two, three or all four sections of the movement.

Lone Scouts

If you are not able to join an existing troop but would still like to be a member you can become a Lone Scout. Follow the programme booklets and Lone Scout Leaders will keep in touch periodically to monitor your progress.!


Mail: girlscoutsjm@gmail.com
Website: http://www.girlscoutsjm.freehosting.net/