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The British Boy Scouts and British Girl Scouts Association
UK Registered Charity at Law No. 288631

In the various histories published on the Scout movement you might find the odd reference to the British Boy Scouts or to the National Peace Scouts. The picture given is that of Troops which broke away from the main organisation in the very early years of Scouting but with little other information about these Scouts. Follow the signposts to find out more!

Membership of the BBS.

Individual: UK £5-00 per year. Rest of the World £10-00 per year (this provide 4 Journals each year).
Corporate: UK £5-00 per adult leader. Other than UK £10-00 per adult leader.

Note: Third Party, or Public Liability, or Legal Liability, Insurance is not provided by the British Boy Scouts. Each Group or Individual must gain their own, as a condition of membership.

Membership forms and further Contact.

E.Mail BritScout@church.prestel.co.uk

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