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The Order of World Scouts Hymn

© Percy Herbert Pooley, Chief Commissioner 1926-1971 © Charles Brown Chief Commissioner 1971-1983 © The Reverend Michael John Foster 1983

My Lord I want to thank Thee
written by Percy Herbert Pooley (1886-1971) circa early 1920s.

Tune: Aurelia 76 76 D Composed by S. S. Wesley (1810-1876)

My Lord I want to thank Thee
For leading me to be
A scout in this great movement
To make my vows all three,
I pray that I may ever
Be worthy of the call
Keeping my vows, may never
Forget I owe Thee all.

My Lord I want to serve Thee,
Oh give me eyes to see
How I can help the suffering
Those who in need may be;
Endue me with Thy Spirit
And let me never cease
Trying to serve as Thou did'st
In Love, Goodwill and Peace.

My Lord I want to follow
My Pathfinder and Friend,
To carry out my promise
Faithful unto the end;
Oh give me grace to follow
They Guiding Light O Lord
And, called to higher service
"Well Done" be my reward.